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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Equinox Louvered Roof Systems

Atlas Awning builds high quality Equinox Louvered Roof Systems
Equinox Louvered Roof System by Atlas Awning
Equinox Louvered Roof, need i say more? These neat motorized louvers create a versitle patio cover that will keep you dry when it rains and let the sun in when it's dry.

We have a dedicated page on our website for Equinox Louvered Roof Systems where you can see some of the Equinox systems we've installed.

Visit our website for all your Patio Shade Structure needs.



  1. Wow, a motorized patio cover would super cool! We have really unpredictable weather where I live. My family has parties outside all the time and we usually get rained on. It would be amazing to just be able to flip the panels so water couldn't come in, and then open them again when it was sunny.

    Gerald Vonberger |

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