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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bahama Exterior Shutters

Atlas Awning specializes in adding value to your home. One of the most important features of your home is the windows and window treatments. We can make those old open windows look like new with our Bahama Exterior Shutters.

Let me explain the benefits of these beautiful shutters.

  • They are a unique option to traditional awnings and shutters offering protection from the elements without blocking the beautiful view.
  • Powder coated finish built from all aluminum and professionally installed with stainless steel hardware.
  • Unwanted heat enters mostly through windows working like a magnifying glass. Bahama Exterior Shutters STOP the sun's heat rays from reaching the glass, effectively blocking 85% of the sun's heating ability.


  1. I agreed Bahama exterior shutters are good alternative to design old windows. I'm being installing these shutters to my farm house old windows. Mostly to defend against hurricane rough blow I prefer such shutters. Thanks.
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